Rainy days and Java always get me down

I've Moved My Blog

It's currently located at http://www.urlinone.com/blog

I should say "I'm moving my blog." It's a pretty painful process.

Pebble has blown up on me, and it's been many months since I've been able to blog reliably. I've lost posts. And now I've got to figure out how to migrate my past blog posts from Pebble to my new destination without all the URLs changing, lest external links become 404 Not Founds.

Why does everything in the 21st century have to be a three-day project???

Sung to the tune of
A Pirate Looks At Forty
by Jimmy Buffet

Mother, Mother Java,
I have heard your call.
Wanted to write cool software,
Since I was three feet tall.
You cast a pall,
You cast a pall.

Watched the men who wrote you,
Go from geeks to gods,
In your bytecode you hold the tortures
Non-programmers never see.

I have debugged now for over two weeks,
I printed and I stepped through and
I log4j-ed gigs.
But it's time to stop bitchin'
Time to start wishin'
Back to Nintendo again
Just a few rounds
Just a few rounds

Mother, Mother Java
After all the years I've found
Occupational hazard being
C++ is just not web-sound
Feel like I've drowned
I'm container-bound
I'm container-bound

It took me a while to figure out which song this was. It was driving me crazy... maybe you should add that it's Jimmy Buffet's "A Pirate Looks at Forty". Or maybe I just did. I liked it... although I could never figure out what the last line should be. I don't even understand half the song :-)
Driving you crazy was all part of the plan.<p>I finally came up with the last line, which had been driving <i>me</i> crazy. And <i>that</i> was <b>not</b> part of the plan.
See? I have no idea what that means! But I'm happy for you that you came up with it. This is fun - it's like public emailing. It's so unfair that a non-programming user can't do a carriage return simply because she doesn't know the "code".

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