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I've Moved My Blog

It's currently located at http://www.urlinone.com/blog

I should say "I'm moving my blog." It's a pretty painful process.

Pebble has blown up on me, and it's been many months since I've been able to blog reliably. I've lost posts. And now I've got to figure out how to migrate my past blog posts from Pebble to my new destination without all the URLs changing, lest external links become 404 Not Founds.

Why does everything in the 21st century have to be a three-day project???

Well, they're just having the best ol' time blaming Bush for everything and burying their heads in the sand over at the Bee-OTCH blog. ("It's not bee-tee, it's bee-AT-tee.")

I posted a comment over there yesterday, but I notice that poor Russ doesn't have the male parts necessary to accept opposing opinions. Fortunately, I anticipated this and saved a copy of my comment:

You people are amazing. Does anyone remember 3000+ innocent civilians who died on American soil on 9/11/01? How about the hundreds of school children and other innocents who just died in Beslan?! You don't think Saddam Hussein had plans to use his sarin gas on more of us infidels?

What on earth are you thinking??? Do you actually believe that John Kerry can make nice with the radical Islamic fundamentalists? Are you that out of touch with reality?

How many attacks took place while Clinton was in office? The WTC in '93, the U.S.S. Cole, two American Embassies.

At least Bush has the backbone to do something about it. All Clinton did was lob a few ineffective cruise missiles. He certainly didn't make friends with the terrorists. What do you expect Kerry to do?

Do you simply not believe that terrorists are out there? I just can't imagine what you think is going on. Please explain it to me. Are you simply going to ignore the problem until we have suicide bombers on our streets the way Israel has? You find it so easy to blame Bush for everything, but how are you going to deal with terrorism?

How much are they going to be whining about the government not taking care of them when our economy falls apart because people are too scared to go to work or school or shopping malls, because terrorist attacks are happening throughout America? It's practically destroyed Israel's economy, and Americans are not as tough as Israelis; we're not used to living with Palestinians. What would happen to air travel (and, therefore, business and leisure industries that rely on it), if two American commercial aircraft were shot out of the sky as recently happened in Russia? How many Americans would be willing to get on an airplane after that? What would that do to our economy? How is the government going to take care of your every want and need if it has to contend with the fallout from that kind of attack?

1,000 Americans have died in a war to keep American civilians safe from terrorist attacks like those that took place three years ago, as well as freeing the Iraqi people from the clutches of an evil despot. While those deaths are indeed a tragedy, and war is a truly terrible thing, 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam for a dubious cause (at the hands of a Democratic president). Even if, in retrospect, we acknowledge we had no business protecting South Vietnam from a communist takeover half a world away, how can anyone question the wisdom of protecting one's own land from the horrors of terrorism? 1,000 soldiers is still only a third of the number of civilians who died in their offices on 9/11/01. Besides, who would have imagined that the tiny-brained miscreants causing all the trouble in Iraq would react so violently to freedom. That just shows you what kind of losers we're dealing with.

Russell and his buddies want to make Bush out to be worse than Saddam Hussein. Not like any of this hasn't been said before, but let's review:

  • Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
  • One of the terms of Saddam Hussein's surrender was that Iraq had to submit to UN weapons inspections
  • Saddam Hussein kept the weapons inspectors out of Iraq for about twelve years
  • There is evidence that Saddam Hussein had a weapons program
  • Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds
  • Saddam Hussein had enough sarin gas to kill about 300,000 people
  • Saddam Hussein had plenty of time and opportunity in twelve years to develop and hide or export all kinds of weapons
  • Saddam Hussein paid the families of Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000 each
  • Saddam Hussein was known to be an evil, cruel tyrant who tortured and murdered thousands of people
  • Saddam Hussein's sons were going to take over the family business
  • Saddam Hussein held plenty of ill will towards the United States, Israel, and the rest of the civilized world
  • Given the right opportunity, he would have been more than happy to attack and destroy the United States
So let's no kid ourselves about how wrong it was to invade Iraq. Once a surprise like 9/11 hits you, you've got to be a freakin' idiot to sit back and wait to be attacked again. We have been attacked. We are at war.

The 9/11 Commission found that it was a "failure of imagination" that allowed the terrorists to use four commercial aircraft as bombs against innocent civilians. Only the genuinely deluded would lack that imagination again, after the events of three years ago and after what just happened in Beslan. Trying to opportunistically blame Bush for everything is so selfishly partisan that it offends me. When you are fighting for survival is not the time to be a liberal or a conservative, a Republican or a Democrat. In this, we are all Americans.

Please stop trying to score points for your chosen party or agenda while brave American soldiers are dying in Iraq to protect your ability to go right on doing so. Acting so lacks grace, gratitude, and honor. Not to mention underscoring how totally clueless you are about the world around you.

Russ is full of sh*t. It's amazing that a guy that seems to be so knowledgeable about one thing (java) can be such a moron about another (politics). I agree with damn near everything you have to say about Russ and the positives of strike first ask questions latter. Erik
<p>I presume you'll have more grace than Russell and not delete dissenting views. I don't care for Russ's ranting and foaming at the mouth, but I agree with most of his views.</p> <p>I think few people will disagree that it is a good thing that Saddam Hussein no longer runs Iraq. What people do disagree about is whether it really was in *our* best interest for us to invade Iraq.</p> <p>If we really wanted to go after State-Sponsored-Terrorism there are a couple other countries we would have done better to attack: Iran and Syria.</p> <p>I wish Kerry would provide more specifics about his "plans". While there are those radicals who will never be appeased, those recruited to fight against us and Israel are largely poor young men and women (desperately poor) to which life offers nothing. The one thing I've heard Kerry say is that he wants to address this issue. It is a classic case of the "have nots" hating the "haves".</p> <p>For myself it isn't President Bush himself that concerns so much as the people that run his administration: Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft - to name a few popular targets. What they have done in the name of The War On Terror frightens me.</p> <p>The ends do not justify the means.</p> <p>"Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither" to paraphrase Ben Franklin (don't know if I have the quote exactly right).
<p>It's funny Erik, I frequently mutter to myself exactly the same thing about people who support Bush :-)</p> <p>I've said it before here: I supported the attack on Afghanistan to oust the Taliban and root out the AlQuida (what is the spelling today?) training camps there. But there never was and never has been any incontravertable evidence that Hussein was connected to them in any way.</p> <p>He was definately a threat to his neighbors and to Israel - but not to us.</p>
<p>Lance, I'll add a few things to your points on Hussein.</p> <p>He WAS a threat to his neighbors and to Israel. And more importantly he <b>WAS</b> a threat to innocent people in Iraq.</p> <p>He is no longer a threat to anyone. You can thank President Bush for that.</p>
You're welcome to post here, Lance. I have no axe to grind. I am searching for the Truth. I have opinions, but I am open to discussion, unlike bee-AT-tee. I have even been known to change my opinion. Heck, I used to be a flaming liberal. (I got better.)<p>All I can say about Hussein is that, given the time and opportunity, he would have been happy to follow in Bin Laden's footsteps. He was a threat. Now he isn't. In the wake of 9/11, with him flouting UN weapons inspectors for over a decade, it was not a mistake to take him seriously.<p>One of the things that helped me get over my liberalism is the hypocracy. Clinton went to all kinds of places, like Somalia, Bosnia, and Chechnya. They were never a threat to us the way Hussein was. Where was the righteous indignation about any of that? These missions had far more nebulous reasons and objectives than Afghanistan and Iraq. Did liberals cry out in protest, or did they blindly follow "their" guy? Plus, Clinton let attacks like the 1993 World Trade Center, the U.S.S. Cole, and the bombings of the American Embassies go essentially unanswered, which led up to 9/11/01, yet liberals still find a way to blame Bush. We are suffering the hangover from Clinton's party years, both economically and militarily, but Democrats won't own up to any of it and want to do it again with Kerry.</p><pre>For myself it isn't President Bush himself that concerns so much as the people that run his administration: Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft - to name a few popular targets. What they have done in the name of The War On Terror frightens me.</pre><p>I've heard plenty of this kind of rhetoric, but what does this really mean, other than a gut-level dislike? Have your liberties personally been eroded or trampled upon? Mine haven't. This is one of those accusations like global warming or Bush raping the environment that I think is just sensationalist fiction. Where are the facts to back up your fears?</p><p>Given what happened three years ago and the fact that there are plenty of people who would like to hit us even harder today, I'm impressed by how little my day-to-day life has actually changed! Other than having to take my shoes off in an airport, what have I had to give up for my security? What has <i>really</i> changed in your life? I think this is just opportunistic hype with no substance behind it. This is why I stopped being a liberal and became a realist. All the emotional stuff started to wear really thin. As an engineer, I operate better on facts than feelings. The liberal approach to economics is untenable and destructive. And the liberal views on security are self-destructive. The whole kumbayah thing just shows how out of touch liberals are with reality.</p><p>I mean no offense, Lance, but you've got to give me something to hang on to, if you're going to persuade me. Otherwise, it's more of Russell Beattie's meaningless, emotion-driven drivel. Sadly, I think that's what's driving most of Kerry's supporters. i don't think he's offered anything else.</p>
<p>Lee, thanks for keeping stuff civil. I realize that I've violated one of my tenets: never talk politics, religion, or curly braces.</p> <p>I don't think you'll find Truth, as it is in the eye of the believer. That is to say I think you and I know many of the same 'facts' but have interpreted them differently.</p> <p>I used to be a Republican myself and it was their hypocrisy that led me to the other side. There is enough of that crap to go around both sides. Just one example - look at Bush's No Child Left Behind. Great in principle and then underfunded - my children face an increasing struggle for education due to teacher cutbacks and reduced resources in the classroom.</p> <p>The "rhetoric" you refer to is the Patriot Act. According to it you or I could be taken from our homes and indefinately imprisoned without trial or charge; all we need do is anger someone in a sufficient position of power. The Justice department has tried to force librarians to disclose the reading patterns of their clientele. There is quite a list. My opinion is that my liberties have been eroded and I fear them being eroded more.</p> <p>I think we'll have to agree to disagree here. Of those three topics I mention in the first paragraph I don't believe I've ever seen anyone convinced to change their position; which is why I try to avoid such conversations.</p> <p>This will be my last post here. I respect your technical skills, which is why I subscribed to your feed. I will be changing my subscription to your technical topics only.</p>
<p>Jeez, Lance, I'm not sure why you left so abruptly. I thought we were having a healthy discussion.</p><p>Maybe I've misled you. I'm not a Republican. Never have been. Never will be. I always have been and always will be independent. I voted for Perot in '92 (dodged a bullet there! ;), Clinton in '96 (took a bullet for that one!), and am far from a blind follower of George W. Bush. However, I have zero faith in Kerry -- less than zero -- I think he's another self-serving, self-important, head-in-the-sand accident-waiting-to-happen, just like Clinton.</p><p>Bush and I are using each other. He wants my vote, and I want someone who will take the threat of terrorism seriously. He's already proven that he ain't messing around. He hasn't done everything right, but I know he recognizes the danger. I fear Kerry would ignore it until the next tragedy.</p><p>As for the Patriot Act and the threat you speak of, I think that's so far-fetched that I'm not sure why you waste your time on it. I see Islamic violence as a much more likely event than ending up in prison under the Patriot Act. I appreciate your commitment to pure civil liberties and such, but I really think this is a time for being realistic and prioritizing your issues. When worldwide global terrorism is under control, we can once again clarify these more theoretical issues. Until then, I'd rather empower the good guys to stop the bad guys. Given a choice between trusting the U.S. government and an Al Qaeda cell, I know which way I'd go. I'm not sure why you fear your own government so much. For all its flaws, it is still a pretty wonderful thing that deserves a little more trust, IMHO. Even if it's horribly corrupt, it's got to survive and keep you alive in order to exploit you. :-)</p><p>Regarding people changing their views, you said you used to be a Republican. I used to be a liberal. I used to be an atheist. And I used to do my curly braces like this:<pre> for( short i=99; i; --i ) { printf("%d bottles of beer on the wall", i); }</pre>I consider myself the only moderate left in the world, and I really do believe I have an open mind. I think it's a shame that people are so unlikely to listen, learn, and change their minds. But it does happen. I'm living proof, and so are you!</p>
please keep political posts off your javablogs feed, consider creating a java category and submit that, thanks.
What the hell does any of it have to do with Java?!? As it is, JavaBlogs is getting swamped with political and personal stuff. We all signed up saying that our blogs would be "mostly" Java. Take a look at your recent blog entries list. All of that ended up in the queue at JavaBlogs and what percentage is related to JAVA? That's called SPAM where I come from. Please, you are already using categories in your blogging software. Create a RSS channel just for your Java/Programming items and give that to JavaBlogs rather than the RSS channel that includes everything. Doing that in most bloggers is usually pretty easy.
My apologies for the non-Java stuff on JavaBlogs. I've changed my channel as you suggested, so all content from now on should be more relevant. (I've also taken this opportunity to set the insightful flag to true, so future posts should be more scintillating, as well.)

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