Rainy days and Java always get me down

I've Moved My Blog

It's currently located at http://www.urlinone.com/blog

I should say "I'm moving my blog." It's a pretty painful process.

Pebble has blown up on me, and it's been many months since I've been able to blog reliably. I've lost posts. And now I've got to figure out how to migrate my past blog posts from Pebble to my new destination without all the URLs changing, lest external links become 404 Not Founds.

Why does everything in the 21st century have to be a three-day project???

Anyone who's ever looked at URLinOne knows that I'm always looking for ways to expedite my access to online information. In the past, one of the things I started doing was using Start > Run to quickly get to a browser when one wasn't open. I would just type the URL in there (or just enter about:blank) to get a browser open. (One other little tip that few people know is that the Windows key on most keyboards has some nice shortcuts. Windows-R opens the Start > Run dialog box without having to click anything.)

Anyway, if you have the Google Deskbar installed, you can paste or type a URL in there, and it will open a browser to that site. Pretty sweet.

The other thing it's really great for is spell check, dictionary, and thesaurus. Type or paste a word and do Ctrl-D to get a definition. Ctrl-T for thesaurus. And just search with the word to see if it's spelled right. If it's wrong, you'll see "Did you mean..." at the top of the search results.

Good stuff, Google.

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