Rainy days and Java always get me down

I've Moved My Blog

It's currently located at http://www.urlinone.com/blog

I should say "I'm moving my blog." It's a pretty painful process.

Pebble has blown up on me, and it's been many months since I've been able to blog reliably. I've lost posts. And now I've got to figure out how to migrate my past blog posts from Pebble to my new destination without all the URLs changing, lest external links become 404 Not Founds.

Why does everything in the 21st century have to be a three-day project???

I'm telling you, I've done some cool stuff over the years. Okay, I've never actually told you before, but I'm telling you now: I've done some cool stuff over the years. Would someone who hasn't done cool stuff over the years have a blog category named Cool Stuff I've Done? I don't think so.

Not terribly impressive, but more of a "Huh." kind of a thing was Sanity Saver, something I wrote and "marketed" (in the loosest and least lucrative sense of the word) about fifteen or twenty years ago. I had forgotten about it until I saw this.

My tag line for SanitySaver was:

You use a screen saver to prevent monitor burn-in.

Use Sanity Saver to prevent user burn-out.

Do you see what I did there? Did you catch that twist? Pretty damn catchy, eh? It's a gift. I am merely the instrument.

The thing is, I think I can rightfully claim to have pioneered and established the entire software-that-reminds-you-that-you-are-a-living-organism-that-has-a- physical-body-with-biological-needs market segment, although I don't believe I am recognized as such in the industry.

Of course, it made me quite wealthy, and I retired to raise and race ferrets on the median-sized island off the coast of Microamnesia. I only came out of retirement because I missed the exquisite torture of software development.

I don't remember whether it was Sanity Saver or SanitySaver, so I've alternated use of each to cover all my bases. (All of which are belong to us, BTW.)