Very bright, creative system architect and software engineer offers over ten years of experience in a wide variety of technologies, languages, platforms, and industries.  A proven track record of success and excellence in enterprise software, EAI, client/server, Internet, web, database, embedded systems, real-time, and graphics applications. Highly adaptable to both new technologies and new environments. A technical Green Beret.



·         Earned Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Certificate of Computer Engineering.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.  Graduated summa cum laude.  December, 1983.



SENIOR ARCHITECT, SunTrust Bank, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

1/04 – present

Due to the new Check 21 legislation, SunTrust, along with all the major banks in the United States and abroad, is preparing for image exchange of checks, as a means to avoid the costly process of sorting and delivering physical checks to other banks.

·Critical member of team involved in business and technical analysis of this major shift in the way banking works.

·Architecting workflow and integration with existing sorter and document repair infrastructure, Viewpointe, and CPCS utilizing messaging, services, and APIs.

·Heavily involved in vendor evaluation and selection.

·Member of Program Technology Group formed to oversee the synergistic use of technology throughout the enterprise.

·Currently evaluating potential J2EE open source tools including Spring, HiveMind, WebWork/XWork, Keel, Hibernate, JDO, and iBATIS SQL Maps.

·Exploring code generation techniques including XDoclet, XSLT, and others.


TECHNICAL LEAD, CheckWorks, Inc., Alpharetta, Georgia

3/03 – 12/03

CheckWorks is developing a web-based check-imaging application for SunTrust Bank.  This application runs on IBM WebSphere and utilizes many open-source technologies including Struts, JUnit, jWebUnit, Jakarta Digester, and JDOM.

·Served as architect and developer for SunTrust’s ImageLink application, which image-enables many of SunTrust’s mission-critical processes, both internally and externally.

·Designed transactional billing module.

·Designed and implemented ListLink, a browser-based replacement for an applet-based GUI, including interactive screen updates, keystroke processing, and powerful list navigation.

·Extensive work on Swing-based image viewer applet, including sophisticated zoom, pan, and print functionality.  Used JSObject to implement applet-to-Javascript communications.

·Refactored prototype code into production code.

·Diagnosed extremely difficult environmental issues including a JVM bug, a misconfigured network device, and security issues regarding ActiveDirectory.

·Redesign and rearchitect system for re-release as version 2.0.


SYSTEM ARCHITECT, InSystCom, Alpharetta, Georgia

11/02 – 4/03

InSystCom is creating a video-on-demand and music-on-demand system for cruise ships.  The system is built on a Linux server, running Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL, and utilizes set-top boxes by i3 micro technology running embedded Linux and Opera.  Passengers can preview and order excursions, view maps, play games, access and send email, etc.

·Took the initiative to create a PC-based simulator to allow developers and customers to run the set-top box application in a standard browser window, allowing for easier debugging, system design, and collaboration, as well as allowing for remote development.  The simulator has since become a deliverable.

·Created a frameset architecture involving multiple hidden frames, providing client-side state management, real-time debugging of Javascript code, and many other advantages.

·Created a dynamic, intelligent, context-sensitive key mapping Java Server Page producing Javascript that provides a consistent user interface, reduces code complexity, and provides for centrally-located code management.

·Worked as part of a distributed team of developers, including programmers in India and OEM support in Sweden.


SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Chutney Technologies, Atlanta, Georgia

9/01 – 8/02

Chutney’s Apptimizer product accelerates high-traffic web sites by allowing the server-side reuse of prior computation.  HTML fragments, serialized Java objects, XML documents, and expensive computations can all be cached within Apptimizer resulting in 10x page generation speed and lower CPU and memory utilization on the server.

·Pre-sales integration engineer for Apptimizer enterprise application optimization product.

·Performed on-site proof-of-concept installation, integration, and load testing on many application servers, including WebLogic, Websphere, iPlanet, SilverStream, ATG Dynamo, BroadVision, IIS, and home-grown C++, in a variety of Unix and Windows infrastructures, and using a variety of APIs, including Java servlets, JSP, ASP, C++, Tcl, and others.

·Developed rapport and technical credibility with technical and non-technical personnel at such customers and prospects as Sabre, Sears, Voicestream, Marsh & McLennan, JPMorgan Chase, Banc of America, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Target, and Global Sports, and others.

·Perform extended post-sales integration, consultation, and training at Sabre.

·Presented technology in C-level meetings to both technical and non-technical audiences.

·Performed load testing on client sites to determine bottlenecks and points of architectural weakness, utilizing Radview WebLoad or Mercury Interactive LoadRunner.

·Dramatically improved our APIs for smoother integration with the customer's application.

·Conceived of and spearheaded numerous marketing and product positioning initiatives to increase product awareness.

·Impacted product design, features, and functionality.

·Created API examples for product documentation in Java, JSP, and ASP.


DYNAMO EVANGELIST (Sales Engineer), Art Technology Group, Atlanta, GA

6/00 - 7/01

ATG Dynamo offers the most sophisticated personalization and eCommerce available.  Dynamo empowers non-technical marketers to create targeted campaigns, product promotions, and complex user-interaction state machines, all without programming.

·Pre-sales engineer for J2EE-certified application server, personalization server, scenario server, and commerce server product suite that runs world-class web sites such as,, and about 800 others.

·Made dramatic transition from embedded C++ developer to enterprise Java sales engineer.

·Gave over 200 sales presentations averaging two hours, including Powerpoint slides, product demonstrations, and Q & A.  Usual audience was CxO's, VP's, and Directors.  Some large audiences of up to 100.

·Performed hands-on training, integration, and proofs-of-concept for some pre- and post-sales developers, involving personalization targeters, scenarios, and commerce elements.

·Advised and guided customers regarding clustering, load-balancing, failover, EAI via Dynamo Messaging Service, and J2EE/JSP implementations.  Configured SQL, LDAP, and XML repositories.  Utilized standard droplets and implemented new ones.  Coded scenarios and slots.  Generated templated emails and scheduled sends.  Used FormHandlers to accept form input.  Modified the servlet pipeline.

·Responded to technical questions in RFI’s and RFP’s.

·Worked trade shows, presented to user groups, analyzed app server market and competitive products.

·Wrote internal manifestos that became a central discussion within the company and ultimately impacted company direction.


SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Avionic Displays Corp., Norcross, Georgia

5/97 - 5/00

·Managed and developed all software used to do acceptance testing, software verification, and environmental stress screening in the design and manufacture of AMLCD multi-function cockpit displays.

·Used Borland C++Builder to create over 25 VCL components to simulate mission computers and other avionic devices, implementing such protocols as MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC 429, ARINC 708/453, CSDB, etc.  Devised other components for non-standard, application-specific protocols on top of such hardware protocols as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, etc.  Wrote components to drive devices such as synchros, D-to-A's, A-to-D's, function generators, video generators, and more.

·Created a scripting language to allow others to generate test procedures without the help of software engineers.  Wrote the parser and implemented the engine that the script language controls.

·Wrote project-specific SVC&P and ATP applications.  Maintained the ESS software.

·Took it upon myself to create a company intranet using IIS, ISAPI, and Interbase that included an MIS Work Order database application.


PRESIDENT/CEO, Infone, LLC, Duluth, Georgia

5/96 - 9/98

·Conceived, designed, and developed a fax-based OCR/ICR application to allow users to specify selection criteria by filling out a form and faxing it to a computer.  A multi-tier, scalable system reads the user's handwriting and checkboxes, spawns a SQL query against an Interbase database, and, using OLE Automation to control Microsoft Word, generates a customized report in response to their query.  This report is then faxed via OLE Automation of Microsoft Outlook back to the requester.


CONSULTANT, Firearms Training Systems (FATS), Suwanee, Georgia

11/96 - 4/97

·Created additional on-screen statistics and scoring grid report for lanes training software.


CONSULTANT, Equifax, Alpharetta, Georgia

5/96 - 10/96

·Gathered requirements, analyzed system, designed solution.

·Used Delphi 2 to create a front-end application and report generator for an Oracle database.


PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Grimes Aerospace Co., Atlanta, Georgia

4/93 - 4/96

·Wrote all software for 6” x 8” Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) bidder’s sample that won Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) contract for UH-1N Huey helicopter multi-function display (MFD) upgrade.  This included real-time, embedded, graphics and control software in C++ for the Intel 960KB, a Windows-based system simulation, a font converter, font editor, and font linker, and various Delphi utilities.

·Used object-oriented analysis, design, and programming techniques, allowing full simulation of MFD hardware in Windows, with only 5% of the software having to be rewritten to retarget it to Windows.

·Designed MFD system architecture and participated in all hardware and software design reviews.

·Performed in-depth research on antialiasing of lines and text, ultimately implemented in hardware.

·Installed and perform administration on 10-node Lantastic LAN, as well as PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Tracker, and PVCS Configuration Builder.  I was the sole software engineer for two years and created the entire software development infrastructure.

·Managed team of four software engineers on UH-1N program.

·Extensive interfacing with Navy.  Acted as a primary contact on both technical and contractual issues.  Reviewed system specifications and performed system engineering and integration tasks.

·Lead software engineer on Loral P-3 Pilot Color High-Resolution Display (PCHRD) program.  Oversee efforts of five software engineers.  Extensive C++ object re-use from UH-1N and other concurrent programs is high priority.

·Software design and implementation for 3.5” x 4.5” AMLCD Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) in Lockheed C-130H.  Modified software for other customers and airframes including JPATS, NATCO, Aermacchi, and Southwest Airlines.

·Performed refit of EFI to include a two-way serial link and additional bezel keys to become a student/trainer subsystem for the S-211 jet for the Singapore Ministry of Defense.  Involved extensive rework on both the Intel 80196 assembly code and the Texas Instruments 34020 graphics C code.  Performed system integration in Singapore.


PRESIDENT/CEO, Infone, LLC, Duluth, Georgia

9/94 - 5/97

·Researched and came up to speed on the computer-telephony integration (CTI) industry.

·Designed and implemented an extensive interactive voice response (IVR) application using Delphi and Visual Voice.

·Developed a flexible, time-saving, ingenious code-generation method that turned voice application flow diagrams drawn in AllClear into executable Delphi code.


PRESIDENT, Grey Matter, Atlanta, Georgia

1/90 - 10/93

·Designed, desktop published, and produced a line of fractal greeting cards.

·Designed and developed software to accompany the Freedom Plan financial training program.


PRESIDENT, Grey Matter, Atlanta, Georgia (midnight engineering)

10/98 - present

·Conceived, designed, and developed options trading software for use by the general public.

·Created powerful Delphi components such as a multi-column grid sorter, option position blender, etc.

·Developed a system for serving on-screen banner ads on the main window of an application.

·Developed a web authorization module to validate the identity of an application user and determine which program features they are authorized to use and then present only those features to them.  This system also logs feature usage by user.

·Sites include,,,

·Performed marketing, sales, accounting, planning, and other business tasks. Wrote user documentation and on-line help.  Provided customer support and software updates.


EDUCATION (continued)

·         Took all graduate level computer graphics classes at Georgia Tech.  1985.

·         Passed the Engineer-in-Training Exam.  October, 1982.

·         Highly trained in leadership and communication, having completed numerous courses including nearly all programs offered by Landmark Education.


















eXtreme Programming/TDD

JSP Custom Taglibs


















ATG Dynamo



MS SQL Server


Windows XP/2000/NT/9x/3.x

OLE Automation

VCL component creation




Visual BASIC











Microsoft Office


MRI C++ for Intel 960

SDS C++ for 68332


Motorola CPU-32

Motorola 680x0

Intel 80x86

Intel 80960

TI 34020

Intel 80196

MS Project

Rumbaugh OMT




"Clarion's Quick Start: Relational?  Object-Oriented??"  TECH Specialist  Volume 1, Number 6.  The article illustrates my technique for using Clarion's Quick Start program-generator as the basis for creating a relational, object-oriented database application.


"The Amiga Disk-O-Tech"  Amiga Project  Volume 1, Number 5.  The article describes in great detail the format and workings of the Amiga's various disk blocks.




National Merit Scholarship, STAR Student (SAT score: 1390), National Dean's List, Freshman Honor Society, Georgia Tech Dean's List all eleven eligible quarters, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities